Don’t want the NSA to know that you’re cheating on your significant other?


Only 6 Messaging Apps Are Truly Secure


It’s slim pickings for mobile users who want truly secure messaging: According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), only six applications pass the security test.

EFF examined 39 services—including popular tools from Apple, Google, Facebook, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

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The Best email apps for smartphones



For many people, a smartphone is their main interface for checking e-mail, but the native mail app bundled with phones often doesn’t deliver the features that users demand. Luckily, there is no shortage of alternatives.

Recently, Google unveiled an app meant to make managing Gmail easier. Although it’s pretty, Inbox has not found favour with all users. Indeed, it’s not only aesthetics that make an e-mail app great.

We have curated a list of five of our favourite apps. Try them all, or pick only one.

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Gallery App With Material Design And Gesture Support

Searching for a good and attractive Gallery app for your Android device? You should give this a try one time. Piktures is a beautiful gallery app for Android, packed with various useful features and Material Design. It is also called as “gesture-based” gallery app.



Everything is exciting and impressive. There is also various touches of Google’s new Material Design language. You can easily organize your photos the way you want. It will allow you to resize photos, set them as wallpapers or even sort by cities. You can access pics from albums by just swiping to the left. There is also a dedicated button which will arrange all your photos and videos in a calendar view.

Download the app from here.

Source: Technodify