Did you know which is the best case for the iPhone 6?

According to the Wirecutter

After surveying almost 1,000 Wirecutter readers and testing 60 iPhone 6 cases over a period of about 30 hours (so far), our current pick for the best all-around case is the NGP from Incipio (available in black, clear/frost, blue, teal, pink, andred.) The NGP has protected several generations of iPhones (and many other devices) and has a reputation for providing solid protection and a good fit. It’s slim enough to not detract from the iPhone 6’s svelte dimensions, while still offering comprehensive protection for the handset’s body, including the buttons. Openings along the bottom allow for compatibility with a wide range of accessories.

Read more about the case over at the WireCutter. Buy the case from Amazon over here.

The Fitbit Surge is here!


After quite the hiatus and the hyped Fitbit Force Recall, the manufacturers are now back with the Fitbit Surge. At first glance, it appears to be a digital watch on your wrist, which is certainly a departure from the sleeker designs of fitness wearables of yesteryears, but it does appear to pack more than it’s share of ticking time telling.

Improving on the brand’s usual lineup of fitness monitors, the Surge is a smartwatch that features built-in GPS tracking which updates the user on their pace, distance, routes and elevation. Other features include a heart rate monitor and calorie counter as well as the ability to receive calls and texts and controlling the music on your phone. The Surge will be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Source: Hyperbeast