That went sideways quick – UFO Aliens apparently sold at Walmart.

Scientist claims he has worked with aliens in Area 51, he confessed this as he knew he was dying. Boyd Bushman gave a lengthy interview even showing the photos of aliens from Area 51. The problem is this alien is sold at Walmart!

Right after Boyd Bushman’s tale of spectacular inner-workings of secret Government societies with alien races made the news recently, the below article showed up confirming that the Alien is actually a dummy sold in Walmart at “Everyday Low Prices”. Well here’s one for Brian Cox’s corner.

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UFO’s are real!!


I for one do believe in extra-terrestrial life. The staggering number of stars within our galaxy alone coupled with the staggering number of galaxies believed to occupy our universe spanning 13.7 billion light years across (new data now suggests the universe is likely older by another billion years), probability itself would suggest the chances exist. Although even popular physicist Brian Cox recently made a statement that alien life is all but impossible as humanity is ‘unique’, it’s videos and news snippets like these that make extra-terrestrial life seem all the more possible.

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