That went sideways quick – UFO Aliens apparently sold at Walmart.

Scientist claims he has worked with aliens in Area 51, he confessed this as he knew he was dying. Boyd Bushman gave a lengthy interview even showing the photos of aliens from Area 51. The problem is this alien is sold at Walmart!

Right after Boyd Bushman’s tale of spectacular inner-workings of secret Government societies with alien races made the news recently, the below article showed up confirming that the Alien is actually a dummy sold in Walmart at “Everyday Low Prices”. Well here’s one for Brian Cox’s corner.

That real looking alien seen in pictures released this week by a dying man who wanted to come clean on what they were doing in Area 51 turns out to be a toy that is available at Walmart. The alien pictures held in the hand of the very serious looking elderly gentleman, who has since died, made quite the stir online in the last week, but according to Dead State.orgon Nov. 1, a quick trip to Walmart solves the mystery!


The above is the purported Alien from Boyd’s photos.

Boyd Bushman, who comes with a resume that would make any scientist proud, gave an interview and the video of that interview was posted online, but it has since been taken down. The scientist’s confession, which supposedly busted the alien stories and Area 51 conspiracy theories wide open, apparently did just that, but not the way Bushman may have intended. Check out the slide show for the alien pictures he presented. The video of his interview has since been taken down.

The video conveyed that the retired senior scientist from Lockhead Martin was working under the umbrella of top secret programs. He was commissioned by the government to “reverse engineer” alien space crafts to use the technology for the government, according to iO9. News.

He also claimed that there were as many as 18 aliens, who range in age all the way up to 230-years-old working for the government today. He had them listed in categories that divided them by friendly and not-so friendly groups. One group, he called the “wranglers” and those little fellows were the easiest to work with and they got along with humans just fine.

Then there were the “Rustlers” and these were the little guys who weren’t as friendly and who were responsible for all the missing cattle after a UFO makes a visit. The spaceships that he claimed arrived on Earth carrying the aliens weren’t very big, measuring only 38-feet across. That offered some cramped quarters considering their trip to earth took on the better side of 45-years Bushman claimed, reports HNGN News.

Many questioned if Bushman, who also worked for Hughes Aircraft and Texas Instruments at one time before his Lockheed Martin gig, had all his faculties when doing the interview. Others said since the man was about to die, he had nothing to gain by telling tall tales.

It could be that he actually believed this himself, but if he did or didn’t believe the alien claims that he shared on the video, it doesn’t matter. Those aliens might not have come down in ships, but they did travel by truck, which is how they made it to Walmart stores nationwide!


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